Sanday Plan

Sanday Plan

The Sanday Plan is the working document that provides guidance and structure to the work of the Developemnt Trust and other groups within the island.

The Sanday Plan is available for download. Paper copies can also be obtained from the Trust's office at Heilsa Fjold.

Sanday Plan 2016 - 2020

The current Sanday plan was produced following consultation with the island's community and aimed to:-

• identify issues facing island residents
• prioritise the types of issues facing residents
• identify geographical areas of priority
• identify facilities and services residents would like
• identify opportunities for appropriate development

In order that a robust plan for the next five years could be prepared and implemented.

Consultation documents

A report on the public drop-in consultations can be downloaded here.

A questionnaire to develop the themes identified went out to all households with the July 2015 Sanday Sound. A summary document of the results is available here. The full results are available as an excel spreadsheet and can be downloaded here.

Comments on the draft Sanday Plan were invited via a feedback form and copies of this circulated to key island organisations, before being finalised.

NB. A couple of people have noted that some items mentioned are the responsibility of parties other than Sanday Development Trust, e.g. OIC or Sanday Community Council. The intention is that the plan produced from the survey results is not just used by the Trust but also to inform the work done by other organisations on Sanday.

Sanday Plan 2011-2015

A full copy of the previous 5 year plan can be viewed here.