Wildlife on Sanday

Sanday Ranger Service

Sanday has enjoyed the benefits of a Ranger Service since 2005.

Operated by Sanday Development Trust, with support from Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Emma offers a full programme of events throughout the year.

During the summer, Emma arranges and advertises over 50 events – walks, activities, excursions, volunteering opportunities, child/family orientated events and guided visits on Sanday. In the winter, her time is taken up with report-writing, planning and research for the production of information leaflets for residents and visitors, however activities are still offered on a weekly basis (subject to weathre restrictions!)

Emma is always keen to meet visitors during their stay on the island; if you don't join in an event, but would like any advice or information, contact her at home, by phone, or by email.

Call while you're on Sanday if you have any interesting sightings or have discovered something unusual – she has a range of reference books that cover most aspects of natural history.


Emma Webb
Telephone: 01857 600 359

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://www.sandayranger.org.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sandayranger 

Events are advertised on the Ranger website, and are also on the calendar of events listed on the new website of Outdoor Orkney. They are also printed, along with Ranger notes, every month in the Sanday Sound, the newsletter distributed within the island and on display in Heilsa Fjold, the Trust's youth and community centre (opposite the school). During the summer, a monthly poster of events is displayed in shops, accommodation-providers, and in the island school's Community wing corridor.

Soulka west sideThe ranger is partly responsible for displays in the Heritage Centre, where you will find all of the Development Trust's information leaflets. The stocks of some of these are very low, but it is hoped that they may soon be made available on this website. Ranger leaflets are on the following topics:

The Trust has also funded leaflets titled I Spy Sanday (specially devised for youngsters) and Sanday at War (providing information about the secret World War 2 Radar Station). The Walking Guide to Sanday illustrates and describes 8 recommended routes in a variety of habitats on the island. Several of these walks have an information board installed at the beginning, to remind you which way to go; and all have discreet way-markers to reassure you as you travel.

Storm leachs petrelThe accompanying photographs give an idea of the variety of activities organised by the Ranger.

They include a rock-pooling expedition with the school's youngest pupils, a trip to the Lighthouse, a meeting with the owner of Boloquoy Mill, night-time ringing of Storm Peterels (picture shows a Leach's Petrel too), and trips to North Ronaldsay (sheep) and Papa Westray (by the monument to Britain's last Great Auk).

The Sanday Ranger is jointly funded by Sanday Development Trust and Scottish Natural Heritage.